Guidelines For Adding Locations

  • Mikomos should be appropriate. You shouldn’t be embarrassed to tell your Rabbi that you went on a date here.
  • No movie theaters. A location with an iMax theater in it is fine.
  • “Modern music”¬†concerts are no good. Classical concerts (such as the philharmonic) are fine.
  • Don’t be afraid to edit. If you don’t know how, send us an email¬†and tell us what needs to be updated.
  • Stick to the facts. No advertising or (obvious) self-promotion

Naming conventions

  • Unless necessary, a makom’s name should not begin with “The.” Nor should “The” be placed at the end of the title, as in “Makom, The.”
  • Try to be as accurate as possible. Don’t make up names. Try to use the same names as they appear on google Maps.


  • Dating is a subject we should be very modest about. Therefore, whenever possible, references to dating, boys, girls or anything related to dating should be avoided. For example, instead of writing “This is a great place to date” write “This is a great place.” We know what its use is.


  • You can add annual or monthly events. Please remember to add the times, dates, locations, and all other relevant info.

Guidelines For Adding Appropriate Locations


  • Only appropriate activities should be added. You should feel comfortable telling your rabbi that you went on a date there.


  • No Hookah Lounges.


  • Only museums with appropriate materials should be added. All art museums should include a disclaimer in the tips section explaining that it has no inappropriate works or where and what the inappropriate works are. Add museums that are good for dating specifically.


  • Should be safe to walk around.


  • Must be Shomer Shabbat with a valid Orthodox Hashgacha.
  • If it is non kosher and added just because of their drinks section – please specify!
  • Add restaurants that are good for dating specifically. Generally all restaurants should have waiter service. There are rare exceptions made for upscale places without waiter service, but most pizza shops are considered too casual for a date.


  • Only those that do not conflict with Shabbat, Chag, or Chol HaMo’ed.
  • Should be halachicly sound (according to Orthodox Judaism). This means no Kol Isha or mixed dancing.